Monday, 29 October 2018

carnaval craft

My knees were shaking I felt scared we beat them last time maybe we could beat them again. The scoreboard screamed at me the game was starting.

Ryan leaped through the air hitting the ball out of our enemies hands.The ball soared through the air. Ryan grabbed it and started bouncing the ball so hard the ground began to shake. Suddenly he through it into the hoop and scored a goal with no one knowing it was coming.

I raced down the court like a cheetah trying to catch its prey. I snatched The ball from our enemies hands and I sprinted down the court and scored. The other team sweared in anger.

It was half time. We were losing. The score was 16 to 23. My mum/the coach told our Team to ‘’try as hard as you can and get up in there grill’’.

My ear drums were tingling from the squeaking shoes on the hard shiny floor.

The other team fouled out and our team got automatic free throws.

Our supporters were cheering “ GO FRANKLEY!!! ‘’. Suddenly boing, boing, doink as the ball went into our goal.

Two thundering timers screamed and then our timer went off. “We won!!!”. Everyone was cheering and clapping. All the boys ran and hugged each other where as the girls joined into a separate group hug. Our red faces had the hugest grins.

Suddenly everyone went quiet the loudspeaker was talking congratulations to frankley firebirds for winning the best primary school in 2018. pam the medal giverouterer they gave  us our medals and we took a nice photo all together. yyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

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